Our engineering know-how for your projects

We rely on our experience in field of Earthing and Lightning Protection. Our specialists are well trained and will plan the lightning protection and earthing measures for your projects, using the latest codes of practice as well as any technological advances in the field. In this light the company has invested in the most up to date design software.

  • Safeguard – Used for earthing design
  • OBO RISK ASSESSMENT – Used to determine risk and medication

The full Lightning  concept according to IEC/SANS 62305 includes

  • Risk Assessment
  • Site Surveys
  • Engineered Lighting Protection Design drawings

Calculation of the separation distance

  • bills of material
  • Consulting Services
  • Seminars

Risk Assessments

Lightning Risk assessment is a Study to measure the risk of a lightning strike and probability of damages. It assesses the lightening risks to the facility according to international standards (IEC 62305). A detailed risk assessment is essential for installing the necessary external and internal protection systems.

The risk assessment process reduces the existing risk to a tolerable risk. The tolerable risk is defined when selecting the risks. These tolerable risks are specified in the standard.

Risks to be Considered

At the start of the risk analysis process, the focus is on the utilisation of the structure which allows us to calculate the risks which have to be considered for the object to be protected.

There are four different categories which are distinguished in a risk analysis:

  • Risk R1: Loss of human life
  • Risk R2: Loss of service to the public
  • Risk R3: Loss of cultural heritage
  • Risk R4: Loss of economic value

One or more risks can be relevant for the structure. The LPS designer decides which risks are to be considered. LPC designs an efficient state-of-the-art lightning protection concept based on this risk analysis

Site Surveys

Our on-site evaluations provide an essential service in the maintenance of LPS and the provision of problem-solving solutions to prevent further damage to structures and their operational systems.

The on-site assessments utilize various inspection and testing techniques to verify the compliance of LPS to the relevant standards. We use various tools to achieve a total evaluation including the use of drone technology to inspect inaccessible areas of the roof structure.

Engineered Lightning Protection System Designs

Design the lightning protection system. The standards define an effective lightning protection system as a set of equipment and devices to capture (never to attract) lightning and conduct it safely to ground.

Our service offering includes:

  • Basic Drawings with estimated bill of material
  • Detailed Drawings, including mounting positions with bill of material
  • Calculating separation distance